Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Spoils of Youth or Why Adults miss childhood

In Passing I overheard a conversation of adults talking about missing their young days and how kids today have it easier to develop into adults. Well as a New Adult still somewhat exiting that stage of childhood....kinda..... I'm here to tell you it really isnt that easy. Technologically it is easier for us to keep in contact or connect with others but that does not make it easier to deal with several issues the peg the "spoiled youth" adults mostly talk about. I am a youth advocate but i can only give you general ideas on what youth face today (Suicide, Depression, Family, Relationships. Sexuality, etc.) to truly understand what a teenager you know is going through...ask! The problem with families today is the lack of communication between its members especially the breakdown of adult/youth.
Adults-Kidswant to be you with more fun
Youth-Listen To Adults...seriously most of them arn't just talking outta their asses like you think

Youth need more role models who arn't hopped up on Steroids or Cheating on thier spouces while defending the "Sanctity of Marriage"

Youth need role models like Megan Fox:

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