Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Spoils of Youth or Why Adults miss childhood

In Passing I overheard a conversation of adults talking about missing their young days and how kids today have it easier to develop into adults. Well as a New Adult still somewhat exiting that stage of childhood....kinda..... I'm here to tell you it really isnt that easy. Technologically it is easier for us to keep in contact or connect with others but that does not make it easier to deal with several issues the peg the "spoiled youth" adults mostly talk about. I am a youth advocate but i can only give you general ideas on what youth face today (Suicide, Depression, Family, Relationships. Sexuality, etc.) to truly understand what a teenager you know is going through...ask! The problem with families today is the lack of communication between its members especially the breakdown of adult/youth.
Adults-Kidswant to be you with more fun
Youth-Listen To Adults...seriously most of them arn't just talking outta their asses like you think

Youth need more role models who arn't hopped up on Steroids or Cheating on thier spouces while defending the "Sanctity of Marriage"

Youth need role models like Megan Fox:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Time To Dump some videos I enjoy or love!

Blonds Have More Fun, But Have To Work harder!

As a dark haired boy (often referred to as "Raven Haired") I've sometimes wondered or dabbled in changing my hair color to add a little variety. One time for a very BRIEF amount of time i went bleach blond. Now everyone knows the jokes and stigmas attached to being a blond despite their being many famous beautiful blonds through out history; but I'm here to tell you its hard being a blond!

First of all your expected to be bouncy and perky 24/7 and I AM NOT BOUNCY AND PERKY!!! Second your supposed to go to law school and i am not a legal eagle by any chance! third boys kept writing my name and phone number in the bathroom stalls saying "For A Good Time..."WTF?!?

But honestly in observing people I've noticed that being blond is not all its cracked up too be. You have certain expectations that... from what I've noticed... need to be lived up too.
-Attractive/muscular/jock Boyfriend (Fun to look at but not to date)
-Hot sexy barbie doll body (Anorexia is not for me and Bulimia is so 1980's!)
-Air headedness (i can read books higher then the level of Cosmo)
-A "Spunky" Attitude (i like being happy and enjoying life but "spunky" will never be a word used to describe me)

Obviously I don't mean this for all blonds. I know several smart beautiful blonds who are amazing. but these are what i would call "Mainstream Blonds" Primarily found in California, New York, Florida, or Boston.

I enjoy having dark hair but because i have dark medium wispy hair (I'm keeping it this way as long as the Huzzby keeps complementing it!) I'm often seen as "Emo" or "Dull." Those who know me i am only on occasionally Emo or Dull. I can't imagine being blond. Life is stressful as it is... i don't need added stress.