Thursday, November 5, 2009

To Move Forward We Must Look In

Hello! My name is Jaron Sean Louis-Kie. I am twenty years old, Native American, From New Mexico. I am the son of William & Kristina. The grandson of Gerald & Betsy and Gilbert & Patricia. I am also happily coupled with a man I'm proud to call love named Jessie Staicoff. My Native name is Mieedge which means Hummingbird and my other name is Dahwatche which means moon. I belong to the clan families of Big Turkey and Little Parrot. I have been openly gay since I was 13 yo.

That is part of who I am. Recently the gay community has been fighting several fights to keep our community strong and protect our human rights. One component however I feel has been missing is personality. We can tell people how we are their neighbors, friends, teachers, coworkers, etc. But those people come and go in our lives.

We need to make sure that the fighting we do for our rights... Still has that human component. I am more then just gay. We have pushed that point down their throats for years now....but who are you besides gay. Once they, once you can say that you are MORE then gay... The fight will end. So. I have told you and myself who I am. tell me and yourself who you are. Be more then just gay. Be HUMAN.

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