Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dreamers Dreaming of Deams since Dreamt

Often times as children...we are told to dream. I remember being young (even though I am still such) and being told that life has untold opportunities and we should grab a hold of them whilst we can. For those of us who grew up in BIA (Government) Reservation run schools there was no funding for us to dream but it didn’t stop a few of us from trying. All through out school I dreamed of being on stage or in films. I would walk around reciting monologues and one liners from films or plays; I even remember my name being the first name on the sign up list for the Drama club. As one enters high school we are not told to dream anymore... we are told to Sit down, shut up, learn, and pass the test. Or in my high school you were told by a very bitter math/science teacher that we will never amount to anything besides rez kids stuck where we are to have babies, live at home, and die.

Scary thing...some people look up and listen to that teacher....*Shutter*

Towards the end of high school we are then told to think about what we want to do for the rest of our lives we are then instructed to think back to what we wanted to be as a child. The problem is that we have forgotten to not only dream, but what those dreams were. Did we want to be a Police man, a firefighter, Astronaut, President, etc.

Then at the end of high school with the Diploma firmly grasped in our hands listening to a speaker telling us how HS was the most inspiring and to cherish our classmates (to which I replied "Shhaaa...Later Bitches glad I never have to see most of you ever again!" bitter much?).

(hmmm....where is this blog going...imp confused...AND I'M WRITING THE DAMN THING!)

Literally the second after graduation we are ask "So Whets Next?"
College: "For What?" Work: "Where? and what about college?" Party: "Where? I'll Bring the Booze! What about College?"

So I guess in making this post I feel like I’ve lead up to some huge moment of truth that I’m probably not going to pay up on cause I’m just rambling like a crazy monkey... but I do want to say: Don’t stop dreaming. Over the years we stop reaching for the stars because we learn that a star is a billion years away and by the time it takes the light to reach us its a dead star anyways. NO! That’s not the point...the point is it never hurts to keep reaching. The World is filled with horrible truth but amazing wonder at the same time and that should never Deter us from dreaming. As a pregnant teenager once sarcastically put but I reiterate with much less sarcasm and more instruction "WOAH! DREAM BIG!"

And parents...keep your kids dreaming. that’s the most important thing any parent can pass down to their kids.


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